BrightSign’s digital signal media players and Nexmosphere’s Xperience platform can seamlessly integrate to create a robust and reliable setup in which digital content and real-life sensor input are easily combined into an engaging experience. Nexmosphere and BrightSign are Technology Partners, meaning that compatibility between all BrightSign Players and Nexmosphere controllers is guaranteed.


Intuiface helps you create entirely customized content that you can built in an interactive way by binding content changes to the incoming triggers from the Nexmosphere Elements. In no time you’ll create interactive presentations in which real-world sensor input and dynamic content are combined into rich and intuitive experiences.


Bluefin manufacturers High Definition LCD displays integrated with BrightSign HD series chips. No external media player required. An all-in-one solution for any digitial signage situation. Connect with Nexmosphere’s Elements using the USB ports to add a new layer of depth to your signage.


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