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BrightSign’s digital signage media players and Nexmosphere’s Xperience platform can seamlessly integrate to create a robust and reliable setup in which digital content and real-life sensor input are easily combined into an engaging experience. Nexmosphere and BrightSign are Technology Partners, meaning that compatibility between all BrightSign Players and Nexmosphere controllers is guaranteed.


Intuiface helps you create entirely customized content that you can built in an interactive way by binding content changes to the incoming triggers from the Nexmosphere Elements. In no time you’ll create interactive presentations in which real-world sensor input and dynamic content are combined into rich and intuitive experiences. Intuiface and Nexmosphere work well together on Windows, Android and BrightSign.


Signagelive provides digital signage software, services and support that enable you to create and publish engaging media and manage solutions at scale. Signagelive has eliminated the technical complexity of building interactive digital signage solutions by building a simple, yet powerful user experience and workflow that unlocks the power of Nexmosphere’s range of controllers and sensors.


embed signage is the only CMS to integrate Nexmosphere sensors and LED directly. This means users can simply use the built-in drop downs, sliders, and other elements to easily create incredible experiences, without having to reference to the Nexmosphere API. Users of embed can utilise BrightSign, Windows or macOS devices to run Nexmosphere experiences.


Wallboard’s cloud-based digital signage software lets users easily create and customize interactive content experiences utilizing Nexmosphere’s field-tested sensor platform combined with most any media player OS including Brightsign, Windows and Android. From a browser-based interface, users can “drag and drop” content elements onto a “blank canvas” to design and format a content experience that includes content triggers connected to Nexmosphere sensors.


Telelogos offers software solutions to companies and organizations looking to improve communication and interaction with customers and employees as part of their digital transformation. Next to digital signage software, Telelogos also offers dedicated software for mobility management, room booking, and workspace management, all of which can be made interactive by adding Nexmosphere hardware.


signageOS Inc. is the world’s first and only unification technology platform for digital signage. signageOS solutions encompass innovation in digital signage through modern technologies to create a standardized approach to multiple digital signage platforms and hardware. signageOS’ focus on platform integrations, hardware monitoring and management provides businesses with the latest technological solutions to facilitate highly efficient digital signage development.


Evexi is a UK based digital signage platform enabling real-time content delivery built on the latest software technologies. Leveraging HTML5 Web Apps and fully featured API’s, Evexi enables seamless integration into Nexmosphere controllers and sensors – delivering a powerful experiential retail solution.

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Hardware partners


Bluefin manufacturers High Definition LCD displays integrated with BrightSign HD series chips. No external media player required. An all-in-one solution for any digitial signage situation. Connect with Nexmosphere’s Elements using the USB ports to add a new layer of depth to your signage.


Nexmosphere’s sensors seamlessly integrate with ProDVX hardware to create an engaging experience. ProDVX is known for producing reliable Panel PCs, Box PCs, displays and touchscreens. Hardware you can always depend on. Their high-quality hardware is available in sizes from 7 inch to 37 inch and it is used for digital communication solutions like (interactive) digital signage and self-service kiosks.


Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH is the leading global provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions. Sharp NEC Display Solutions offers one of the broadest visual solutions portfolios in the industry, innovating in LCD displays, lamp and laser projectors, dvLED, 8K and 5G technology, collaboration solutions, calibration tools, IoT and AI driven analytics.


Nexmosphere is an Intel Open Retail Initiative partner. ORI is a collaborative community of organizations using open-source projects and vendor-proprietary solutions to drive digital transformation in retail. The goal is to enable open, accessible solutions that accelerate iteration, flexibility, and innovation at scale, which will drive the future of retail.


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