EM-F Wireless X-talk interface

The EM-F Extension Modules receive the signals coming from the P3 sensors after these have been paired with a wireless X-talk interface. Each P3 sensor connects to its own wireless X-talk interface on the EM unit. Combine a maximum of 5 EM units onto the controller unit, allowing up to 40 sensor connections on one single controller. All EM modules only work in
combination with an XM Xperience controller.

Wireless X-talk interface
The XF-P3 sensor can be connected to one of the EM-F base stations with 1, 4 or 8 wireless sensor X-talk channels. All settings of the P3 sensor are programmable on the controller using the X-talk API commands, enabling a seamless integration in your application.

  • Superfast 2-step pairing procedure
  • Same API structure as regular X-talk

Status LEDs
The on-board status LEDs indicate the status of each wireless X-Talk channel, enabling easy setup and testing of your application. The pair and unpair buttons facilitate an easy and fast 2-step pairing procedure.


  • Up to 8 wireless X-talk interfaces
  • Status LED for each wireless X-Talk channel
  • Pairing buttons for easy setup

EM expansion module
Combine any of the EM modules to create an exact fit for your application.

  • Compatible with any of the EM-modules
  • Connect up to 5 EM-modules to one XM-controller
  • Pre-assembled factory build for your project
  • Auto system configuration
  • All EM-modules can be centrally controlled by XM controller through API commands


  • Facilitates cable-free sensor
  • Easy to add onto existing installations
  • Large sensor detection range
  • Ease of installation, fitted with integrated magnets as well as mounting holes

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1 channel wireless X-talk interface


4 channel wireless X-talk interface


8 channel wireless X-talk interface