XC-680 / XC-681

The nexmosphere compact range is the most cost-effective tool for bringing experience into your retail environment. Its small form factor and smart design makes it an ideal and efficient controller to integrate in virtual any stand alone application. Connect any of the nexmosphere elements like presence sensors, pick-up detectors, touch buttons or LED’s to build your own unique shopper journey that will prepare itself for the next shopper automatically, ready to deliver the next instore experience.

The 600 series are equipped with a Full HD video player allowing to play any video from the SD card. Every element triggers a unique video allowing you to provide specific information on the chosen product. This way an upsell can be created easily in stand alone applications.

Video playback
The video controller provides a high quality 1080p60 content playback via the HDMI connection. Up to 20 different video files stored on the SD card, can be triggered by one of the elements connected to the X-talk interfaces like pick-up or motion sensors.

Connect a wide range of sensors, buttons, LED’s or any of the nexmosphere elements to create your own unique shopper experience. Let your creativity be the limiting factor by combining the different elements specific for your application. Due to auto configuration there is no additional setup required for seamless operation. The X-talk interface also supports connection of industry standard I/O divices such as pushbuttons.


  • Full HD video player with 1080p60 playback
  • 8x X-talk interface for easy sensor connection


  • Auto start-up and configuration for highly reliable stand-alone applications (24/7 operability)
  • Automatic recovery to programmed attract state after period of inactivity
  • Ultra small formfactor for easy installment in or behind displays
  • Multiple data gathering functionalities offer unique insight in how your application is being used (DLX-200 X-talk data logger required)
  • Download application specific scripts to configure controller to your needs* (programmable versions only)

Xperience controller, Video, 8x X-talk (non programmable)


Xperience controller, Video, 8x X-talk (programmable)