The Modular controllers are fitted with 1 X-talk channel on the unit itself and can support up to 5 Extension Modules and 8 Shop Modules. The Controllers are equipped with a USB or RS232 interface to integrate the sensor Elements with your connected device via our API.

EM expansions
The EM modules define the exact specification of the complete XM Xperience controller. Combine any of the modules into one system to make it fit the exact application needs. Different functionalities such as LED control, audio switching or large numbers of Element connections through X-talk channels can all be combined on a single XM controller. The EM modules are pre-assembled onto the XM controllers at our production facilities.
• Compatible with any of the EM- modules
• Connect up to 5 EM-modules to one XM-controller
• Pre-assembled factory build for your application

Shopbus Modules are specifically designed for two reasons; firstly, creating large systems, and secondly; allowing large interspacing between several control units, when Elements are needed far apart from each other. The Shopbus architecture enables connecting multiple XM-like controller units, with the possibility of using long cable lengths between the units.

X-talk interface
Connect a wide range of sensors, buttons, LEDs, or any other Nexmosphere Element to create your unique shopper experience. Due to auto-configuration, no additional setup is required for seamless operation.
• Plug and smile interface
• Compatible with any of the Nexmosphere Elements
• Providing power to the connected Elements for easy system wiring

RS232 interface
The industry-standard RS232 interface allows 3rd party product interfacing and can be controlled with X-script commands by any media player or content management system.
• Reliable high-speed RS232 communication
• Easy interfacing with 3rd party products
• No special drivers needed

X-Script API
The X-Script API runs on the controller by default. All connected Elements and system behavior can be controlled with our standardized API commands.


  • X-talk interface for easy sensor connection
  • EM interface for system expansion
  • ShopBus interface for large systems and interspacing
  • Bootloadable via SD Card


  • Auto start-up and configuration for highly reliable applications (24/7 operability)
  • Modular architecture enables application-specific functionality set
  • Compatible with all Nexmosphere Elements

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Xperience controller, LocalBus, 1x X-talk, ShopBus, RS232