XV HandGesture sensor

The XV HandGesture sensor facilitates touchless user input by detecting hand gestures such as swiping, pointing, and thumbs-up. The sensor works through glass, allowing customers to interact with onscreen content playing on digital signage in store windows. Next to gesture detection, the sensor can also track the position of a person’s hand and send a command to the connected digital signage player when their hand enters one of the predefined and customizable Activation zones. This feature lets you create fun and easy-to-use digital interfaces for public spaces.

HandGesture detection
Offers the option to implement touchless content navigation using well-known hand gestures. The XV-H40 can detect the following gestures:
– Open palm, Point, OK, Thumb, Fist, V sign
– Swipe, Tap, Grab
It also analyzes the direction of the gesture (left, right, up, down, or center) and indicates whether the gesture was executed by the left or right hand.

Position tracking and Activation zones
The sensor can track the position of a person’s hand and send a trigger when it enters an Activation zone. Activation zones are customizable areas within the sensor’s FoV. This feature can be used to create fun and easy-to-use digital interfaces in public spaces, for example 1-5 star ratings or interactive augmented reality.

HDMI output
The camera feed of the sensor can be extracted via a micro-HDMI connector. The video output has multiple modes varying from a full video feed to only showing the detected hands skeleton structure or indicating the hands position with a customizable icon. Therefore the video output can be used both for debugging purposes and as a second visual layer within the touchless UI of the application.

The XV-H40 sensor connects to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using an X-talk cable. The settings of the XV-H40 are programmable on the controller, enabling a seamless integration in each application.


  • Detection of hand gestures
  • Tracking of hand position
  • Customizable Activation zones
  • HDMI output for visual feedback


  • Works through exterior glazing such as storefront windows
  • Detects 2 hands simultaneously
  • Customizable background and hand icons on HDMI output
  • Adjustbale Field-of-View
  • Auto-calibration and auto-start for highly reliable applications (24/7)
  • Status LED indicating gesture detection

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HandGesture sensor, Mini DisplayPort input, micro HDMI output, USB-C power input incl. Mini DisplayPort cable and universal USB power supply


Camera module, 90° FoV 1.5m range, manual focus