The definition of an experience is something that happens to you that affects how you feel. A true experience is an event that addresses the senses, creates emotion and in doing so, is memorized.

Nexmosphere products are used to create interactive Xperiences with technology. These Xperiences impact someone’s in-store experience by inviting them to explore merchandise, providing more info through visual or audio content and offering selection guidance while setting the right atmosphere with beautiful lighting effects and communicating a brand’s story.



Nexmosphere Elements are our collection of sensors and actuators, such as pick-up sensors, presence sensors or LED. By combining different Elements on our Xperience controllers, interactive experiences can be created.


Xperience controllers are used to combine Elements onto and connect them to any Digital Signage player or PC. The controller is the part of the system that translates the communication coming from the Elements to the connected device and vice versa. Some of the controllers have additional functionalities embedded into them such as LED control or audio switching.

Download our Product Catalog to see our collection of Elements and Controllers.


Each controller runs Nexmosphere’s API. This API provides full control over all connected Elements to the Digital Signage player to which the controller is connected.

Each time a sensor is triggered, an API command is automatically sent from the Xperience controller to the Digital Signage player. Vice versa, actuators such as LED and audio switches can be easily controlled by sending API commands from the Digital Signage player to the Xperience controller.

All API commands are sent via serial communication. Both controllers with RS-232 serial interfacing as well as Serialover- USB are available.


The connection method between Nexmosphere’s Elements and controllers is called X-talk. Calculate the number of X-talk channels needed by adding up the number of Elements used and pick the right Controller model for the job.

Nexmosphere’s API provides full control on all X-talk connected Elements. Download our API document to learn more.


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