All of Nexmosphere’s controllers with USB communication utilize the Prolific PL2303 USB-to-Serial IC. This chip creates a Virtual Com Port on the host (e.g. BrightSign player, PC, etc) over which the API communication is send and received. In Q4 2020, the PL2303 chip was updated to a new version.

Old version: PL2303SA
New version: PL2303GL

Both versions operate identically on the Nexmosphere controller. However in order for the new version to work, some operating systems may require updating. Please see the Release Note on this topic, in which we explain the required actions for each OS to make sure the new version of the PL2303GL chip will work. Secondly, an overview is provided of all Nexmosphere controllers with the old and new version of the PL2303 chip.


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