Nexmosphere offers a wide range of accessories that provide a one-stop solution for all your retail experience systems. A large collection of products such as standard screens and buttons is available as sample stock to enable quick demonstrator building.


Put your merchandise on display, not the security device. The x-drop is the ideal solution for securing and presenting small to medium size products out of box. The x-drop can be easily mounted with the already applied non-marking double sided tape. Due to its extremely sleek design it can be applied even on curved surfaces.
Passive product security
> secure your merchandise
Ultra small form factor
> hidden by your merchandise
Multiple versions
> for various applications

Stands and pricetag holders

Display your merchandise and it's information in a unique way out of the the box. With the nexmosphere's X-Snapper stand and price tag holder.
Eyecatching presentation of your products Price and/or features visible next to your product