Our portfolio is divided in two categories; Elements & Xperience controllers. Choose a variety of our Elements such as light, touch, pick-up and presence sensors to activate the shoppers senses. Connect these Elements to one of our Xperience controllers and determine how the Elements will drive the shopper experience in the way that suits your style.

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XY Range | People tracking

The Nexmosphere XY range offers a variety of sensors for detecting and analyzing the presence, distance, and demographics of the people in front of your interactive display or signage installation. Whether you want to increase the impact by triggering the right content at the right time, want to program attractive lighting changes and increase engagement or want to collect valuable data, the XY range has a sensor which provides the input to do so.
Detect & analyze
> presence, distance and demographics
Increase impact
> by triggering the right content at the right time
Multiple technologies available
> different technologies to fit your application

XZ Range | object detection

The Nexmosphere XZ range offers a variety of sensors that detect a certain status of objects they are in contact with. By detecting the object status, we enable the possibility to log and communicate these values, as well as actively respond to critical threshold values.
Various applications
> light, color and orientation sensing
Actively respond
> to critical threshold values

XQ Range | Interactive surfaces

The Nexmosphere XQ range utilizes advanced technologies to offer sensors that create interactive planes. This allows you to create immersive environments where any area or surface can be made interactive and become part of the experience you create. Whether you want to create an interactive product section in a supermarket or make projected content on a wall interactive, the XQ range has the sensor to achieve your project objectives.
Advanced sensing technologies
> to create interactive planes
Versatile applications
> such as interactive product shelves

XF Range | Wireless pick-up sensors

The Nexmosphere XF range offers an innovative way to use wireless pick-up sensorswithout the need for installing any hardware within your store furniture or shelving. The battery-powered sensors can be placed in or on your merchandize and facilitate triggering the programmed content on the Xperience controller when the merchandize is interacted with by the shopper. Use this technology to easily transform existing store installations into interactive experiences with minimal effort.
Pick-up detection
> trigger content when a product is picked-up
2.4Ghz ANT+
> for robust wireless communication
Ultra low-power
> for a long battery live

XV Range | Vision-based sensors

The Nexmosphere XV range offers intelligent vision-based sensors with powerful embedded AI engines to analyze what is happening in front of your display. Use this sensor-generated input to create engaging UIs for your audience. No driver, cloud connection, or recurring subscription is required; just connect the sensor and controller to a digital signage player and start designing your experience.
Vision-based sensor
> works through glazing
Embedded AI engines
> to analyze what is happening in front of your display
Plug-and-play hardware
> no cloud connection or recurring subscription required

XR-Range | RFID pick-up sensors

The Nexmosphere XR range offers the products needed to build wireless pick-up sensors and NFC applications using RFID technology. The antenna driver detects a tag when it gets close to the antenna and sends trigger messages and tag information to the Xperience controller. Adhere the tags under the merchandise and trigger the video content on screen when products get picked-up, or -placed down. The drivers are compatible with any Nexmosphere antenna, and -controller model.
RFID pick-up detection
> Pick-up and place-down registration
Various antenna sizes
> to match the design of your application
Multiple tag detection
> up to 4 tags can be detected simultaneously on one antenna
Responsive technology
> provides smooth experience

XT Range | EF Series Air Gesture sensors

The Nexmosphere XT EF-Series offers sensors in various sizes which are able to detect touchless input from the user. The AirButton feature detects whenever a person’s hand either enters or leaves the sensor’s detection field, sending both events as a status message to your Digital Signage player, while also being able to register and respond to physical Touch input. The AirGesture feature registers and communicates left, right, up, and -down air swipes. All the inputs from these sensors can be used to trigger events on your Digital Signage installations, for example toggling through menu options or offering product, or -service information without having to touch the screen, the merchandise, or any physical buttons.
Various sizes available
> to match your design
Capacitive sensing technology
> allows for placement behind any non-metal surface
Thin form factor
> for easy integration

XN Range | Nano Controllers

It’s ultra-small form factor and smart design, make it an ideal product to use in virtually any application where space is a limiting factor and where integration with other systems is achieved. Connect your Nexmosphere Elements of choice, such as presence sensors, pick-up detectors, touch buttons or LEDs, and build your own unique shopper journey; LED lighting that starts glowing when a shopper approaches, product info showed if a product is placed on an “info platform”. Whichever interactivity suits your brand’s story, create a lasting impression using the XN Xperience controller.
Ultra small formfactor
>that fits virtually anywhere
Clever design
>build-in magnets for easy fixation

XC Range | Compact Controllers

The Nexmosphere XC range offers Xperience Controllers in a compact form factor while offering various onboard functionalities. Choose the right controller series based on the functionality needed, whether this is controlling multiple RGBW LED strips, pixel LED strips or (optical) audio switching. Combine this with Elements connected onto the X-talk channels to build your own unique experience.
Broad range
> different functionalities in same formfactor
Compact formfactor
> for easy installment in or behind displays
> integrated design for large scale implementation

XM Range | Modular Controllers

The Nexmosphere XM range offers Xperience controllers in a configurable and extendable form factor making it ideal to use when functionality combinations that aren’t available in the smaller ranges are required. This series consists of XM controllers and EM extension units, which are mounted together at our production facilities in order to offer you just the right functionality set for your project.
> functionality combinations
> for large systems and interspacing

XW Range | X-Wave LED Control

The Nexmosphere X-Wave range consists of a variety of animated LED lighting products. They allow incorporating creative lighting effects in your installations that enhance interactivity. Use animated lighting to attract, highlight, contrast, indicate and guide.
Multiple patterns
> select and customize andy of the numerous pre-programmed patterns
16 million colors
> Fit your design

XE Range | environmental sensing

The Nexmosphere XE range offers sensors that analyze and communicate environmental conditions. By detecting the surrounding circumstances, we enable the possibility to log and communicate these values, as well as actively respond to certain critical threshold levels such as high temperature.
Measure and monitor
>temperature, humidity and ambient light
Actively respond
>to critical threshold levels

XT Range | Touch buttons

The nexmosphere X-Touch range is a family of touch button boards in various sizes and configurations that can be combined in one setup. The X-touch technology enables button placement hidden inside the display structure for seamless, non visible integration into the application. The technology works with multiple surface materials such as acrylic, glass, carton and wood. The button sensitivity and responsiveness can be adjusted by programming the Xperience controller.
Multiple touch button sizes and shapes
> for versatile configurations
Bright controllable LED
> for touch feedback or visual guidance

XD Range | X-Dot Elements

The Nexmosphere X-Dot range offers a variety of functions divided into two subdivisions: easy interfacing and wired pick-up sensors. They share their ultra-small form factor and the cable design that offers the flexibility of both bottom and side feed installation. Giving the option to use the Elements directly on a surface or to hide the cable from sight. They’re easy to install, use and maintain due to the non-marking double-sided installation tape and high-quality finishing.
Pick-up detection sensors
> to trigger any event
Easy interfacing
> to connect 3rd party sensors and products

X-Snapper Range | magnetic pick-up sensors

The Nexmosphere X-Snapper range offers magnetic pick-up sensors that can also be used as active security devices. Merchandise is mounted onto the sensor and when lifted or placed back, the X-Snapper sends a trigger to the connected Xperience controller, facilitating content triggering and measurement of pick-up durations. The security function sends triggers whenever merchandising is removed, the wire is cut or pulled out. This sensor is specially designed to attach to handheld devices of different sizes and shapes.
Pick-up detection sensors
> to trigger any event
Active and passive product security
> secure your merchandise
> pedestals, holders and spares


Nexmosphere offers a wide range of accessories that provide a one-stop solution for all your retail experience systems. A large collection of products such as standard screens and buttons is available as sample stock to enable quick demonstrator building.
X-Snapper pedestals
Pricetag holders