The Nexmosphere XV range offers intelligent vision-based sensors with powerful embedded AI engines to analyze what is happening in front of your display. Use this sensor-generated input to create engaging UIs for your audience. No driver, cloud connection, or recurring subscription is required; just connect the sensor and controller to a digital signage player and start designing your experience.

XV HandGesture sensor

The XV HandGesture sensor facilitates touchless user input by detecting hand gestures such as swiping, pointing, and thumbs-up. The sensor works through glass, allowing customers to interact with onscreen content playing on digital signage in store windows. Next to gesture detection, the sensor can also track the position of a person’s hand and send a command to the connected digital signage player when their hand enters one of the predefined and customizable Activation zones. This feature lets you create fun and easy-to-use digital interfaces for public spaces.

Detects hand gestures > for touchless content navigation Activation zones > for fun and easy-to-use interfaces in public spaces HDMI output > for a second visual layer in your application

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