The Nexmosphere X-Dot range offers a variety of functions divided into two subdivisions: easy interfacing and wired pick-up sensors. They share their ultra-small form factor and the cable design that offers the flexibility of both bottom and side feed installation. Giving the option to use the Elements directly on a surface or to hide the cable from sight. They’re easy to install, use and maintain due to the non-marking double-sided installation tape and high-quality finishing.

X-Dot Encoder interface

The X-Dot Encoder interface connects any market-available encoder to your interactive installation to facilitate smooth and tactile control of media content via endless rotating and pressing. Optional accessories such as ready-to-use encoders with high-quality aluminum buttons are available to make your setup complete.
Interface any rotary encoder
> for intuitive and tactile user interfacing
Available accessories
> for a plug & play sensor solution

X-Dot X

The X-Dot X is a wired pick-up sensor that can also be used as an active security device. The sensor is mounted onto the merchandise using double-sided tape. When a product is lifted or placed back, the X-Dot sends a trigger to the connected Xperience controller. The security function sends triggers whenever merchandising is removed, the wire is cut or pulled out.
Pick-up detection sensor
> to trigger any event
Active product security
> secure your merchandise

X-Dot I/O interface

The X-Dot I/O is a versatile interface for any market-available push button with LED or any other generic 3.3/5.0V I/O device. The onboard LED controller offers smooth dimming of the connected LED for an attractive soft glow or pulsing patterns.
Ultra small form factor
> easy to integrate in any application
Interface a wide range
> of any standard market available push-button
LED driver
> for 3.3V or 5V LED

X-Dot Motion interface

The X-Dot Motion is an interface for 5V controlled motion sensors. In the M-series there is a broad range of different motion sensors of the shelf available, from narrow to wide beam, from short to long range. If you prefer your own sensor, connect it to the nexmosphere controller using X-Dot M0, interfacing any 5V output sensor.
Ultra small form factor
> easy to integrate in any application
Interface a wide range
> of different sensors (IR/PIR)
Power supply
> for on-board sensor