The Nexmosphere XY range offers a variety of sensors for detecting and analyzing the presence, distance, and demographics of the people in front of your interactive display or signage installation. Whether you want to increase the impact by triggering the right content at the right time, want to program attractive lighting changes and increase engagement or want to collect valuable data, the XY range has a sensor which provides the input to do so.

X-Eye Motion

The X-Eye Motion sensor can detect the amount of motion in its detection field. This sensor can be installed behind a wall or virtually any existing surface, resulting in a completely invisible embedded sensor solution.

Motion sensor
> indicating the amount of motion
Adjustable detection area
> between 1.2m - 10m
Doppler radar technology
> allows for placement behind surface material

X-Eye Presence & Proximity

The X-Eye Presence sensor is a narrow-beam IR sensor which can detect if an object or person is present, and if so, indicate the distance to the person in relation to the sensor. This enables implementation of multiple trigger zones, such as head-turning lighting effects on connected LED lighting when a person is far away, the appearance of call-to-action video content when they approach and appearing touch buttons when the person is standing right in front of your display.

Narrow-beam proximity sensor
> with distance indication
Multiple versions available
> short, medium and long range detection
Set multiple triggers
> at different distances

X-Eye Gender

The X-Eye Gender sensor instantly detects the gender of a person in front of the sensor and also provides an estimation of the age of this person. The X-Eye Gender is a completely stand-alone embedded sensor which does not require any internet connectivity. No video data is stored, making it a 100% GDPR-compliant solution.

Detects gender
> and indicates level of confidence
Estimates age group
> and indicates level of confidence
Multiple adjustable settings
> such as trigger levels, detection area and filter levels

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