The nexmosphere modular range is the most versatile tool for bringing shopper experience into your retail environment. Its scalable form factor, functionality and smart design make it an ideal controller to integrate in virtual any application. Connect any of the nexmosphere elements such as presence sensors, pick-up detectors, touch buttons or LED’s to build your own unique shopper journey and optimize it based on the gathered detailed statistics insights the XM-range delivers from day to day.

XM-300 Series

The controllers are the heart of the system. Expand them up to your specification with any of the EM expansion modules. Combine different functions like light, video & audio with X- scrips that can be easily configured and uploaded on the SD card. This SD card is also the storage center for all statistic data that will be gathered during operation to give you a full insight in how your application is being used and how it could be optimized.
MP3 player
> high quality audio
X-talk interface
> for any nexmosphere element
LocalBus & EM interface
> for system expansion
ShopBus interface
> providing an in-shelf network
RS232 interface
> enabling 3th party product integration

EM Series

The EM modules define the exact specification of the complete Xperience controller. Combine any of the modules into one system to make it exactly fit the application. Different functionalities like LED control, switching audio outputs or a number of X-talk interfaces, all can be combined with any of the XM-range controllers without the need for any configuration.
Audio Switching
X-Talk interface
> for easy sensor connection
RS232 interface
> enabling 3th party product integration