The Nexmosphere XF range offers an innovative way to use wireless pick-up sensorswithout the need for installing any hardware within your store furniture or shelving. The battery-powered sensors can be placed in or on your merchandize and facilitate triggering the programmed content on the Xperience controller when the merchandize is interacted with by the shopper. Use this technology to easily transform existing store installations into interactive experiences with minimal effort.

XF-P3 Wireless pick-up sensor

The P3 sensor is a battery-powered pickup sensor that can be placed in, or adhered to -your merchandise The sensor detects any change of positioning when the shopper interacts with the merchandise on display and translates this into triggers that are sent towards the controller unit that can be invisibly installed at distance from the actual sensor.

Wireless X-talk
> cable free installation
Pick-up detection
> for lift&learn applications
Ultra low-power
> for long battery life

EM-F Wireless X-talk interface

The EM-F Extension Modules receive the signals coming from the P3 sensors after these have been paired with a wireless X-talk interface. Each P3 sensor connects to its own wireless X-talk interface on the EM unit. Combine a maximum of 5 EM units onto the controller unit, allowing up to 40 sensor connections on one single controller. All EM modules only work in
combination with an XM Xperience controller.

Up to 8 wireless X-talk interfaces
> for wireless sensor connection
Status LEDs
> for each ewireless X-talk channel
Pairing buttons
> for easy setup

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