XF-P3 Wireless pick-up sensor

The P3 sensor is a battery-powered pickup sensor that can be placed in, or adhered to -your merchandise The sensor detects any change of positioning when the shopper interacts with the merchandise on display and translates this into triggers that are sent towards the controller unit that can be invisibly installed at distance from the actual sensor.

Pick-up detection
The sensor registers both pick-ups and place-backs of the merchandise on the shelf. Both events can be used as triggers on the Xperience controller, for example, to start a video or illuminate a string of LEDs.

  • Pick-up and place-down registration
  • Highly responsive
  • False detection filters

Wireless X-talk interface
The XF-P3 sensor can be connected to one of the EM-F base stations with 1, 4 or 8 wireless sensor X-talk channels. All settings of the P3 sensor are programmable on the controller using the X-talk API commands, enabling a seamless integration in your application.

  • Superfast 2-step pairing procedure
  • Same API structure as regular X-talk


  • Wireless X-talk, range 8-10 meters
  • Pick-up detection (accelerometer technology)
  • Ultra-low power consumption for long battery life

The XF-P3 is battery-powered and therefore cable-free, providing freedom of placement in or attached to merchandise. Due to innovative power management technology, the sensor has an ultra-low power consumption in idle state. As a result, the sensor can operate for 2+ years on one single battery.

  • Freedom in sensor placement
  • Long battery life


  • Small form factor for placement in or under the merchandise
  • Cable-free installation
  • Easy to add onto existing and new installations

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Battery-powered wireless pick-up sensor, white (incl. battery)


Battery-powered wireless pick-up sensor, black (incl. battery)


Battery-powered wireless pick-up sensor, no housing & battery