The Nexmosphere nano range is the smallest encased controller of its kind. It’s ultra-small form factor and smart design, make it an ideal product to use in virtually any application where space is a limiting factor and where integration with other systems is achieved. Connect your Nexmosphere Elements of choice, such as presence sensors, pick-up detectors, touch buttons or LEDs, and build your own unique shopper journey; LED lighting that starts glowing when a shopper approaches, product info showed if a product is placed on an “info platform”. Whichever interactivity suits your brand’s story, create a lasting impression using the XN Xperience controller.

Connect a wide range of sensors, buttons, LED’s or any of the nexmosphere elements to create your own unique shopper experience. Let your creativity be the limiting factor by combining the different elements specific for your application. Due to auto configuration there is no additional setup required for seamless operation. The X-talk interface also supports connection of industry standard I/O divices such as pushbuttons.

The industry standard RS232 interface allows 3rd party product interfacing and can be controlled with X-script commands by any media player or content management system.


  • 8x X-talk interface for easy sensor connection
  • RS232 interface enabling 3rd party product integration


  • Auto start-up and configuration for highly reliable
    standalone applications (24/7 operability)
  • Ultra-small form factor for easy installation in or behind
  •  Cost-efficient controller for small applications
  • Compatible with all Nexmosphere Elements
  • USB powered

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Xperience Controller, 8x X-talk, RS232 (API)