The EM modules define the exact specification of the complete Xperience controller. Combine any of the modules into one system to make it exactly fit the application. Different functionalities like LED control, switching audio outputs or a number of X-talk interfaces, all can be combined with any of the XM-range controllers without the need for any configuration

Dimmable RGB LED interface
The LED output allows connecting any standard market available RGB color LED strip to illuminate large surfaces. The output is fully dimmable and delivers a smooth fading between the different intensities and colors. Select one of the 16 million colors to match your presentations color palette. The 12V power input also provides power for the connected XM-controller eliminating the 5V power supply.

EM expansions
Combine any of the EM modules to create an exact fit for your application. If it is the universal 8x X-talk interface, a 5 channel RGB led driver or one of the audio switching modules, all modules work seamlessly together without any need for configuration. See the EM product overview for all module details.


  • RGB LED output


  • Auto start-up and configuration for highly reliable stand-alone applications (24/7 operability)
  • Combine any of the EM and XM modules to make an exact fit for your application

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Expansion module, 1 channel RGB LED output