ShopBus modules are specifically designed for two reasons; firstly, creating large systems where more interfaces are needed than one XM controller with connected EM modules can provide. And secondly; allowing large interspacing between several control units, when Elements are needed far apart from each other. The Shopbus architecture enables connecting multiple control units, with the possibility of using long cable lengths between the units. All the while, the interfacing towards the connected device can still take place through one serial connection.

Connect a wide range of sensors, buttons, LEDs, or any other of the Nexmosphere Elements to create your unique shopper experience. Due to auto-configuration, no additional setup is required for seamless operation.


  • Connect Shopbus modules as far as 25 meters away from the XM controller using the ShopBus interface -and cable.
  • ShopBus cables are available with and without power feedthrough (with power feed-through = red, without = black).
  • Daisy-chain up to 8 ShopBus modules onto 1 XM controller
  • Additional power input possible on each ShopBus module for applications that require higher amounts of power.


  • 8x X-talk interface for easy sensor connection


  • Auto start-up and configuration for highly reliable standalone applications (24/7 operability)
  • Create large-size setups that can be controlled through one single serial connection using the X-script API
  • Combine any of the ShopBus module and XM modules to make an exact fit for your application

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ShopBus module, 8x X-talk interface