X-Dot M0

The X-Dot Motion is an interface for 5V controlled motion sensors. In the M-series there is a broad range of different motion sensors of the shelf available, from narrow to wide beam, from short to long range. If you prefer your own sensor, connect it to the nexmosphere controller using X-Dot M0, interfacing any 5V output sensor

Motion detection
Motion detectors can be extremely valuable to trigger your Xperience to start at just the right moment. Use a long range sensor to start the presentation to “come alive”. Add a short range sensor to start a video as soon as the shopper comes close, giving a new way of personal retail experience.

The X-Dot can be easily connected to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the X-dot are programmable on the Xperience controller side, enabling a seamless integration in your application.


  • Ultra small formfactor for easy integration in any application
  • Interface a wide range of different sensors (IR/PIR)
  • Power supply for on-board sensor


  • Unique cable connection (bottom feed or side feed) enables invisible cable installation
  • Securely mounts on any flat surface, horizontal, vertical or angled
  • Easy removable non-marking double sided tape
  • Status LED for visual feedback (programmable/dimmable on Xperience controller
  • Multiple data gathering functionalities on Xperience controller offer unique insight in traffic

Prices excl. taxes, duties and shipping


X-Dot Motion, interface only, 180cm cable