The X-Touch 1G is a rectangular shaped board with one large size capacitive touch button

X-touch technology

  • Works with multiple materials such as acrylic, glass, carton, stone and wood
  • Compatible with any nexmosphere Xperience controller
  • Powered and programmable by nexmosphere Xperience controller

The X-Touch board can easily be connected to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the X-Touch board are programmable on the Xperience controller, enabling a seamless integration in your application.




  • One large size capacitive touch buttons (40mm)
  • One bright controllable LED


  • Ultra flat (4mm), easy to integrate
  • Bright white indication LED’s (custom colors on request)
  • 4 programmable options for LED output; on, off, slow & fast blink
  • Multiple data gathering functionalities on Xperience controller offer unique insight in how your application is being used

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X-Touch, 1 large button, Rectangular, White LED, 180cm cable