XR-DR1 antenna driver

The XR-DR1 antenna driver detects and processes “tag pick-ups” and “tag placement” coming from the connected antenna and tag. It is the ideal solution for easy-to-implement Lift & Learn or Place & Learn applications, containing up to 250 products.

The XR-DR1 antenna driver connects to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using an X-talk cable. Settings of the XR antenna driver are programmable on the controller, enabling seamless integration in your application.
• Plug and smile interface
• Compatible with any Nexmosphere Xperience controller
• Powered by and configurable with Nexmosphere Xperience controller

Wireless pickup detection
The XR antenna connects to the XR antenna driver. Together they register the pick-ups, as well as the place-downs of RFID tagged merchandise when the product is either lifted from, or -placed back on an antenna. During both events, a trigger with the Tag number is sent from the Xperience controller to the connected digital signage player that can be used to, for example, start a video or illuminate a strip of LEDs.
• Pick-up and place-down registration
• Highly responsive
• Compatible with XNR Nexmosphere RFID tags
• Multi-tag detection (up to 4 RFID tags simultaneously)

RFID tags
The standard tags for use with this product, are industry standard MiFare 1K tags that can be ordered already programmed with their respective numbers (1-250), or as empty tags that still require programming and labeling.


  • RFID pick-up and place-down detection
  • Reads and communicates Tag number between 1-250
  • Multi-tag detection


  • Compatible with all different sizes XR-antennas
  • Auto-calibration and auto-start for highly reliable applications (24/7)
  • Status LED indicating tag detection

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XR Antenna driver