XR antenna driver

The nexmosphere XR-Range offers a range of wireless pick-up solutions. Although RFID technology is not new, the way the XR-Range offers ease of use in the shopper experience is a true innovation. Use the standard market available RFID tags to earmark your product. When the product is close to the antenna it will be registered and can trigger any event on the connected Xperience controller, such as a video to start or a audio track to play.

The XR-antenna driver is the brain of the RFID system. The signals of the connected XR-Antenna are processed in the driver and will generate the triggers for the Xperience controller. The XR-antenna driver works seamlessly with all XR-antenna’s without the need of any manual configuration or setup due to the auto configure feature.

XR-Antenna Interface
The antenna driver can be easily connected to any of the nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the XR-Antenna driver are programmable on the controller side, enabling a seamless integration in your application. Connect any of the XR-antenna’s to the driver to read the RFID tag.

Wireless Pickup detection
The antenna registers pick-up of the merchandise (with the RFID tag) as well as putting it back on the shelf (place-down). Both events can be used as trigger on the Xperience controller, for example to start a video or illuminate a string of LED’s. The Xperience controller can also run statistics showing you which products are often picked and which are the lower preferred ones, providing you a valuable insight on shopping behavior.

RFID tag
The nexmosphere RFID tag is a low-cost ultra thin sticker (foil) with an onboard chip, simular to the labels used for merchandise security. The RFID tags can have different identification numbers enabling the Xperience controller to identify the product that is picked.


  • Wireless pick-up detection driver
  • Small form factor


  • Multiple data gathering functionalities on Xperience controller offer unique insight in how your application is being used
  • Wide range of different sizes antenna’s available
  • Auto calibration & Auto start for highly reliable applications (24/7)

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XR Antenna driver