XR antenna circular

The XR antenna is a slim, easy to built-in RFID antenna. It can be hidden behind a variety of non-metallic design materials like acrylics, wood, glass and stone. Define your detection surface area and match it with the right shape and size antenna for your product and application.

Wireless pickup detection
The XR antenna connects to the XR antenna driver. Together they register the pick-ups, as well as the place-downs of RFID tagged merchandise when the product is either lifted from or placed back on an antenna. During both events, an event-specific trigger is sent from the Xperience controller to the connected media player that can be used to, for example, start a video or illuminate a string of LEDs.
• Pick-up and place-down registration
• Highly responsive
• Compatible with all Nexmosphere RFID tags
• Multi-tag detection (up to 4 RFID tags simultaneously)


  • Connects to XR Antenna driver
  • Wireless pick-up detection surface


  • Thin form factor for easy installation
  • Various sizes available to match the design of your application

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RFID antenna circular 50mm


RFID antenna circular 100mm