XR-DW2 RFID Driver

The XR-DW2 antenna driver detects “tag placement” and “tag removals”, and processes additional tag information from NTAG213 tags such as, the UID or text fields. It can also write information on the NFC tag such as, the Tag number and Custom text labels. It is the ideal solution for complex or large-scale NFC applications in which tags need to be dynamically (over)written.

The XR2 RFID driver connects to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using an X-talk cable. Settings of the XR2 RFID driver are programmable on the controller, enabling seamless integration in your application.
• Plug and smile interface
• Compatible with any Nexmosphere Xperience controller
• Powered by and configurable with Nexmosphere Xperience controllers

Read UID (Unique Identifier)
The UID of an NTAG is a fixed code unique to each tag. UID is a broadly applied method of tag identification, typically linked to associated info in a database. Per default, the XR-DW2 reads the UID of a tag and indicates whether the tag was detected (“placed”) or removed (“picked-up”).

Write and read “Tag number”
The “Tag number” is adjustable between 1-65535 and, unlike the UID, multiple tags can have the same Tag number. The XR-DW2 can (over)write, and -read this number to identify a tag. By using Tag number instead of UID, tags can be replaced without changing any programming, as the replacement Tag number can be the same as the last.

Write and read “Custom text labels”
Custom text labels offer the option to store textual information on a tag such as merchandise information or visitor preferences (e.g. language). As the XR-DW2 can both (over)write and read custom text labels, it is applied in dynamic applications such as displaying product information on a screen or checking entrance and exit times of visitors. A total of 3 fields with 16 characters each are available.

RFID tags
The XR2 RFID Drivers are compatible with NTAG213 tags. The specifications of the default XNN tags that Nexmosphere offers are:
• 13.56 Mhz, NTAG213
• 28mm tag diameter / 23mm coil diameter
• White coating, sticker on back.
Any 3rd party NTAG213 is compatible. The smaller the NTAG213 used, the lower the detection range will be.

The “Tag number” and “Custom text labels”, are stored using standard NDEF records and can be read and written using 3rd party NFC programmers or NFC apps on smartphones.

• Read UID (Unique Identifier) of an NTAG213 RFID tag
• Write and read “Tag number” (nr 1-65535)
• Write and read “Custom text labels” (16 ASCII characters)
• Lock/unlock NTAG213 with password
• Detects “tag placed” and “tag removed” events
• Multi-tag detection (up to 4 tags)

• Compatible with all sizes XR-antennas
• Auto-triggers on tag detection and tag removal
• Auto-calibration and auto-startup for highly reliable applications (24/7)
• Status LED indicating tag detection

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XR Antenna driver