X-Dot C5

The X-Dot Color is the ideal element to give visual guidance on display. Preselect a color with the nexmosphere Xperience controller matching exactly your presentations color scheme. From smooth glow to a high attention flashlight, X-Dot Color covers it all.

LED light
The high brightness LED offers a great visual guidance on the shelf space. The LED can be controlled by using the Xperience controller fading form any color to any color. The onboard LED drivers enables a smooth dimming from 100-0%. Choose from a wide pallet of different pulsing/glowing patterns to draw the attention to the right spot.

The X-Dot can be easily connected to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the X-dot are programmable on the Xperience controller side, enabling a seamless integration in your application.


  • Ultra small formfactor for easy integration in any application
  • High Brightness LED as visual indicator
  • Wide angle optic for smooth illumination
  • Multi color LED to fade from color to color


  • Unique cable connection (bottom feed or side feed) enables invisible cable installation
  • Securely mounts on any flat surface, horizontal, vertical or angled
  • Light & flexible cable allows customers to experience the true weight and feel of the merchandise
  • Easy removable non-marking double sided tape
  • Multiple data gathering functionalities on Xperience controller offer unique insight in how your application is being used

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X-Dot Color LED (RGB full color), 180cm