X-Wave DS

The X-Wave Selection LED technology allows you to divide a Pixel LED strip into multiple segments and control each of those segments individually. A great in-store example ia the implementation of a selection-guide onto a retail shelf; A video plays, explaining the unique features of a group of products on the shelf. Meanwhile the LED segments in front of the products that fall within that category light up, indicating the right choice for the shopper. Next to passive information provision, the shopper can enter filter parameters via touchscreen or button input, making the connection with the right product on display. By creating a similar journey as found in online shops, the shopper will be able to select the best product for them.

The X-Wave DS is an interface for controlling flexible Pixel LED strips with the Selection LED protocol.

The Selection LED interface can easily be connected to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the X-Wave interface are programmable on the Xperience controller, enabling a seamless integration in your application.

Selection LED
The X-Wave Selection LED technology allows the user to divide a Pixel LED strip into multiple segments and control each of those segments separately.


  • Selection LED interface for Pixel LED strips
  • Controls Pixel LED strip from 1 to 120 LEDs
  • Compatible with any Nexmosphere Pixel LED strip


  • Unique cable connection (bottom feed or side feed) enables invisible cable installation
  • Securely mounts on any flat surface, horizontal, vertical or angled
  • Suitable for edge lighting of acrylic materials
  • Easy way to get multiple color LED lights integrated in your design without the cable connection issues of installing multiple LED strips or RGB LED strips.
  • Instead of having to install a separate LED strip for each shelf segment, only one Pixel LED strip needs to be installed, saving installation time and costs.
  • In case the connected Pixel LED strip requires more than 450mA, additional power supply wiring can be added onto
    the Pixel LED strip.

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X-Wave interface, Selection LED control, 180cm cable