The X-Wave is a rigid linear LED board fitted with RGB LEDs. Set any RGB color to match or contrast merchandise or brand style. Settings as dimming speed, light output and sinus repetition can be adjusted to match the required lighting behavior and effect.

The X-Wave can easily be connected to any of the Nexmosphere Xperience controllers using the X-talk interface. All settings of the X-Wave are programmable on the controller, enabling a seamless integration in your application.

Wave LED
The X-Wave LED technology shines a new light on animated lighting and allows user selection of one of the numerous pre-programmed patterns and modifying its colors to fit the application. Whether it is a gentle soft glow or a complex flashing running light pattern, this feature will draw attention or offer visual guidance the way you want it to. The onboard LED drivers enable a smooth dimming from 100–0%.


  • 5 or 9 pattern-controlled color LEDs
  • Rigid linear board design


  • Ultra flat (4mm) and slim design, easy to integrate into
    any application
  • Suitable for edge lighting of acrylic materials
  • Easy way to get multiple color LED lighting integrated into
    your design without cable/connection issues of multiple

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X-Wave, 5x wave LED, linear wave, 180cm cable


X-Wave, 9x wave LED, linear wave, 180cm cable